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The Golden Rules of Rejecting Candidates

 Here’s a statement that won’t get much argument. Recruiters hate sending rejection emails and candidates hate getting them. It’s no wonder then that most companies don’t pay much attention to this important recruiting chore. But with a little thought and effort your company can easily improve the rejection process in order to change that dynamic.

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Attracting the Next Generation Workforce, Gen Z

Believe it or not, most millennials are now in their late 20s and 30s. While recruiting Millennials is still a priority in human resources, most are now past their entry-level roles. Today, a new generation, Generation Z, is beginning to enter the workforce. And employers should know what appeals to them in order to convince them to come work for you.

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Tips for Adopting a Recruitment Marketing Mindset

Recruiting leaders need to think more like marketers.

Similar to marketing a product or service, today’s recruiting teams must focus on specific ad campaigns to reach the most qualified candidate audience by using a multi-channel job marketing approach. After all, every other employer is fighting for the same talent so how will your company stand out?

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Texting your Candidates? Follow These Seven Recruiter Rules

Timing is everything. While this is true for many things in life, it is especially so when searching for talent. Timing can be the difference between getting the attention of talented prospects and bringing them into your hiring pool or getting ignored by the best candidates.

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Rethinking Your Hard To Fill Positions


Hard to fill positions, no matter what kind, put a lot of stress on companies. The lack of talent puts an unequal amount of pressure on existing employers or managers to take up the slack and all you are left with is stressed out workers longing for additional help.

As a recruiter, your goal is to fill your roles as quickly as possible but today’s tight job market has other plans for that.

There are no magic bullets here. Recruiting for these jobs is a grind so employers must take a consistent and persistent approach to make any headway.

If what you have been doing is not producing results, it’s time to rethink your attempts to fill these roles. First, you must realize that this requires resources in the form of manpower and money.

With that said, here are some tips and tricks to try.

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Quote - Dean Kamen

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